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Making a Recording with Trust Records

This is a useful guide to explain our approach to making recordings

Production roles
The Executive Producer represents TR and the HRL Morrison Music Trust and presides over the time-tabling, production and marketing of the recording project. The EP also coordinates the recording artists, Producer and Engineer.

A Producer is appointed by TR and presides during the recording sessions, editing and mastering of the mastertape. The Producer works with the Recording Engineer, Editing Engineer and Mastering Engineer.

Production process
Recording: During recording, time is split into recording sessions. There are usually 2 recording sessions per day each consisting of 3 hours (including breaks). Prior to the sessions all performers will have rehearsed and prepared the works to be recorded to an appropriate and professional standard. During the sessions, all performers will perform the works at an appropriate and professional standard. During the recording sessions, the Producer consults with the Key Artist to ensure the quality of the recordings. (Recording sessions are usually video-taped for archival and marketing purposes.)

Editing and mastering: After the first and second edits an audition copy is provided to the Key Artist for comments. A period of seven days is given for comments. The mastertape is prepared and then approved by TR.

Standard terms and conditions

Production control
In the interests of producing a commercial resellable product and to preserve the integrity of the Trust's brand, the Trust has the final decision in respect of the following matters:
(a) Selection of recording venue, recording engineer and producer.
(b) Preparation of the final mastertape, namely, standard and quality of the final edit.
(c) Presentation and design of CDs and marketing material.

The Trust believes that it is vital to work with the Key Artist(s) when making decisions regarding the recording, preparation, presentation of CD recordings and marketing material, and the most effective method is through regular consultation.

Payment and Royalties
The Trust will pay for all reasonable costs associated in the production of the CD. This will include venue hire, session players, engineering editing/mastering, manufacture, and ongoing marketing.

The Trust does not pay recording or performance fees to the key artist(s) for their time involved in rehearsal and attendance recording sessions. However, the Trust may from time to time reimburse travel and accommodation costs directly related to attendance of the recording sessions.

Royalties are paid on the basis of net sale proceeds. This means the gross sales proceeds, less all costs and expenses with the production, manufacturing, advertising and sales of the CD and a proportion of TR's administration costs and expenses fairly allocable to the production and marketing of the CD.

Ownership and Rights of the Recording
The Trust owns the whole property, title and copyright of the recordings and mastertape. All recording artists assign to the Trust all and any of its property, title, rights, interest and copyright in the recordings. Additionally, The Trust has the sole right to cancel or delay the production of the recordings or the marketing of the recording.

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